Playstation Offic.

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Art. no. 2175
Title Playstation Offic.
Issue 202003
Sales date Feb. 25, 2020
In store until March 31, 2020
Price Sweden 145.00 SEK
Price Norway 165.00 kr
Country Storbritannien (GB)
No of issues 13/year

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Future¿s brand-new Official PlayStation Magazine hits shelves in style delivering the UK¿s most comprehensive preview of the PlayStation 3 hardware and games to date. Provides readers with the most in-depth tour of Sony¿s next-generation console ¿ from the hardware¿s features and functions, to expert coverage of the launch games and beyond. With its premium look and feel, Official PlayStation Magazine reflects the era of high definition gaming that PlayStation 3 ushers in. Delivering quality, insightful editorial and a vibrant look, the newest gaming launch from Future embraces elements of modern newspaper and magazine design. 13 issues per year