Mustang Monthly

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Art. no. 2748
Title Mustang Monthly
Issue 201712
Sales date Dec. 19, 2017
In store until Jan. 23, 2018
Price Sweden 95.00 SEK
Price Norway 112.00 kr
Country USA
No of issues 12/year
Ceases April 1, 2020
Reason Please be advised of the Mustang Monthly of TEN PUBLISHING are the LAST ISSUES TO BE DISTRIBUTED ON NEWSSTAND. Sista utgåvan är 202001. //20200116 SW

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Mustang Monthly offers enthusiasts of the Ford classic the latest technical how-to information, historical facts, club directories, and maintenance tips. The magazine caters to the late-model market as well as restoration hobbyists, with articles on 1979 through present Mustangs designed to help motorists enjoy their 5.0s on a daily basis. Features maintain an emphasis on budget and street-oriented, do-it-yourself modifications.