Luncheon Magazine

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Art. no. 3312
Title Luncheon Magazine
Issue 201802
Sales date Nov. 6, 2018
In store until Jan. 3, 2019
Price Sweden 215.00 SEK
Price Norway 254.00 kr
Country Storbritannien (GB)
No of issues 2/year

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In-depth features on art, fashion, culture, mixed with extraordinary fashion and style stories. Worldly and glamorous Luncheon invites an impressive list of guests to share their views, life and work over lunch! From simple jam sandwiches in the park to sumptuous five star restaurants, the conversation and visual content is created by a top table of writers, photographers, and artists, where no idea is too abstract, witty or sophisticated. Completely original, Luncheon is setting the standard for the new generation of style and culture magazines of our times.