The Spectator

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Art. no. 6161
Title The Spectator
Issue 202113
Sales date April 15, 2021
In store until April 29, 2021
Price Sweden 61.00 SEK
Price Norway 71.00 kr
Country Storbritannien (GB)
No of issues 52/year

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Every week The Spectator is packed with insightful opinion, commentary and analysis about current affairs, politics, the arts, books, and the big issues of the moment. The Spectator is incisive, informative and irreverent on a whole range of subjects from politics to the arts. You ll read regular columnists who delight, provoke, amuse and sometimes infuriate, the funniest cartoons in print, and editorial features of incredible breadth and depth. It¿s a weekly delight for anyone who loves good writing, contentious opinions and hard-hitting comment.