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Art. no. 7252
Title Outside Magazine
Issue 201714
Sales date Dec. 12, 2017
In store until Jan. 16, 2018
Price Sweden 99.00 SEK
Price Norway 119.00 kr
Country USA
No of issues 12/year
Ceases Jan. 1, 2020
Reason Upphörd pga låg försäljning. 20190417/SW

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Outside celebrates the places and moments we ve all experienced or dreamed about in the world outside. Every monthly issue inspires you to enjoy a fuller, more rewarding life through year-round coverage of participatory sports like hiking, biking, and skiing; adventure travel; active gear; health and fitness tips; and captivating photography. Back in 1978, a letter in Outside s first issue stated that the magazine was dedicated to covering the people, sports and activities, politics, art, literature, and hardware of the outdoors, an editorial goal that has stuck ever since. Armed with great writing that s always based on critical thinking and a sharp sense of humor, the magazine has done an amazing job of bringing people in contact with the world outside. Monthly.