Sulzer Power

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Art. no. 7416
Title Sulzer Power
Issue 201801
Sales date July 17, 2018
In store until Sept. 11, 2018
Price Sweden 169.00 SEK
Price Norway 199.00 kr
Country Storbritannien (GB)
No of issues 1/year

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Sulzer provided a huge number of diesel engines that powered well over a thousand British Rail locomotives. Almost all were of a low-revving inline design and were to prove very reliable. They were fitted to the majority of BR¿s Type 2 fleet, one Type 3 and also the three `Peak¿ classes (44, 45, 46). The most numerous single class was also the most powerful ¿ the Class 47 ¿ which could be found right across the UK rail network.Sulzer Power celebrates all of these locomotives, as well as the two Sulzer-powered prototypes, Lion and Kestrel. This special will be extensively promoted by Key Publishing and much sought after by historic and rail enthusiasts alike.