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Art. no. 9787
Title Jazzwise
Issue 202002
Sales date Feb. 4, 2020
In store until March 10, 2020
Price Sweden 154.00 SEK
Price Norway 185.00 kr
Country Storbritannien (GB)
No of issues 11/year

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Welcome to JAZZWISE the UK s leading jazz monthly and the only magazine devoted to covering the entire spectrum, from cutting-edge contemporary jazz, mainstream, fusion and improv to jazz-club crossover and world-jazz. Launched in 1997, JAZZWISE has evolved into a required read. A colourful in-depth commentator investigating the outer edges and inner currents with a vibrancy, passion and wit not normally found in jazz magazines. But hey!... don t take our word, just check a flavour of the news, gossip, features, previews and reviews in the magazine. Monthly.