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Tittel Boxing Monthly
Utgave 201712
Salgsdag 5. desember 2017
I butikk til 9. januar 2018
Pris Sverige 119
Pris Norge 140
Land Storbritannien (GB)
Utgivelse nr/år 12
Opphør 10. juni 2020
Årsak Upphörd.

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Boxing has become a much more high profile sport in recent years. This may have something to do with a number of recent films being released on boxing legends of days gone by. Films such as Ali and The Fighter have probably helped to raise the profile of the sport in the public eye. The sport is hugely addictive to watch. This is probably something to do with the raw nature of the sport. Boxers have to be in peak condition and they often risk serious injury every time they have a serious fight. This makes the interviews with current champions very interesting to read. We wanted to find out why boxers put themselves through the ordeal of fights time and time again! We really admire people who have the nerve to become boxers. We think that readers will find the articles inspiring and a fascinating insight into the harsh world of boxing.