Total Film

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Varenr 7151
Tittel Total Film
Utgave 201906
Salgsdag 21. mai 2019
I butikk til 25. juni 2019
Pris Sverige 125
Pris Norge 147
Land Storbritannien (GB)
Utgivelse nr/år 12

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It s funny, young, exciting and brings you the best film coverage around! About films, not film stars and their lifestyles. Our huge Trailers section is filled to the brim with exclusive pictures and news on forthcoming feature films - keeping you ahead of the pack with new movie news. Plus every month we bring you exclusive features on the stars, directors and behind-the-scenes talent from the hottest movies. Reviews gives you the low-down on all the new feature film releases, videos to rent and buy, DVD, books, multimedia and soundtracks currently on release.