Sulzer Power

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Varenr 7416
Tittel Sulzer Power
Utgave 201801
Salgsdag 17. juli 2018
I butikk til 11. september 2018
Pris Sverige 169
Pris Norge 199
Land Storbritannien (GB)
Utgivelse nr/år 1
Opphør 2. juni 2020
Årsak Stängd då ingen leverans skett på mer än 12 månader

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Sulzer provided a huge number of diesel engines that powered well over a thousand British Rail locomotives. Almost all were of a low-revving inline design and were to prove very reliable. They were fitted to the majority of BR¿s Type 2 fleet, one Type 3 and also the three `Peak¿ classes (44, 45, 46). The most numerous single class was also the most powerful ¿ the Class 47 ¿ which could be found right across the UK rail network.Sulzer Power celebrates all of these locomotives, as well as the two Sulzer-powered prototypes, Lion and Kestrel. This special will be extensively promoted by Key Publishing and much sought after by historic and rail enthusiasts alike.