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Varenr 7738
Tittel PaperArt
Utgave 201802
Salgsdag 9. august 2018
I butikk til 4. oktober 2018
Pris Sverige 165
Land USA
Utgivelse nr/år 4
Opphør 9. juni 2020
Årsak Stängd då ingen leverans skett på mer än 12 månader

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Drawing was launched in 2003 to provide working artists with information and inspiration regarding the foundation of art: drawing. Whether one works in watercolor, oil, silverpoint, or clay, most every endeavor begins with a sketch. For many artists, the drawing constitutes the finished work. Finally, here s a publication that focuses on it all - fine art created with graphite, Conte crayon, charcoal, metalpoint, etching tools, and other materials. Learn about the techniques of masters from Andrew Wyeth to Leonardo, from Wayne Thiebaud to Lucian Freud, from the Renaissance to today, in Drawing. Published four times a year.