Mustang Monthly

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Varenr 2748
Tittel Mustang Monthly
Utgave 201712
Salgsdag 19. desember 2017
I butikk til 23. januar 2018
Pris Sverige 95
Pris Norge 112
Land USA
Utgivelse nr/år 12
Opphør 1. april 2020
Årsak Please be advised of the Mustang Monthly of TEN PUBLISHING are the LAST ISSUES TO BE DISTRIBUTED ON NEWSSTAND. Sista utgåvan är 202001. //20200116 SW

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Mustang Monthly offers enthusiasts of the Ford classic the latest technical how-to information, historical facts, club directories, and maintenance tips. The magazine caters to the late-model market as well as restoration hobbyists, with articles on 1979 through present Mustangs designed to help motorists enjoy their 5.0s on a daily basis. Features maintain an emphasis on budget and street-oriented, do-it-yourself modifications.