National Geo Traveler

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Varenr 7021
Tittel National Geo Traveler
Utgave 201907
Salgsdag 23. desember 2019
I butikk til 27. januar 2020
Pris Sverige 89
Pris Norge 105
Land USA
Utgivelse nr/år 8
Opphør 1. april 2020
Årsak The issue noted below of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER (36822) will be the last newsstand issue to be distributed. 201912 Dec/Jan issue

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National Geographic Traveler Magazine will help turn your travel into an art form. Each issue takes you to alluring destinations around the world. Vivid writing and (of course!) ready-to-frame photos provide intimate, quirky looks at destinations from Aspen to Morocco to Zurich, and myriad practical tips can smooth and enrich your journeys. Bi-monthly.