Aviation Photographer

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Varenr 7324
Tittel Aviation Photographer
Utgave 201801
Salgsdag 28. august 2018
I butikk til 23. oktober 2018
Pris Sverige 179
Pris Norge 209
Land Storbritannien (GB)
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Aviation Photographer is a unique Special publication that is to be produced by the world¿s leading aviation photographic organisation. Stunningly illustrated, Aviation Photographer will showcase the work of the best photographers alongside the portfolio of undiscovered talent, whilst maintaining a strong industry voice (the only one of its kind). Covering all aviation genres (historic, modern military and civil), the contents include: Airshow Photography ¿ the Definitive Guide, There I was¿ features, On Assignment and The Master (interview with leading photographer), Equipment Reviews Aviation Photographer will be extensively promoted through Key Publishing¿s portfolio of aviation media as well as through the Editor¿s photographic website and will be eagerly awaited by aviation enthusiasts and photographers alike.