New Yorker

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Varenr 9897
Tittel New Yorker
Utgave 201951
Salgsdag 21. januar 2020
I butikk til 4. februar 2020
Pris Sverige 169
Pris Norge 199
Land USA
Utgivelse nr/år 52

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The New Yorker Magazine is more than a magazine: it is a cultural icon dedicated to good writing and ideas. The New Yorker is like the best conversation you can imagine about art and technology, politics and personalities, medicine and movies, fiction and fashion, culture and commentary. The New Yorker is discussed. Heatedly. Reverentially. At board meetings. On the telephone...on the Internet...over a dry Martini or a hot cappuccino. And the cartoons? The best. The funniest. The only. Suitable for refrigerator or office bulletin board.