Our business

Tidsam distributes on behalf of Sweden's leading publishers, magazines to Swedish retail. We tailor the range at each retailer to optimize sales based on consumer demand.

Tidsam's mission also includes developing the exposure of newspapers in stores and ensuring that dealers meet the consumers properly. Everything from how the newspapers are presented, where they are in the shelf, which titles that are placed together - in short how the journal department itself should look and be placed for the best possible sale.

Tidsam is committed to continuously improving, preventing and reducing the company's environmental impact and in September 2012, Tidsam was environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. Through a high degree of recycling and responsible use of transport, raw materials and energy, Tidsam prevents contamination and has operations that takes the environment into account. Read the entire Tidsam environmental policy and Tidsam environmental certificate in the documents below.

Our story
Tidsam's history dates back to 1899, when the Royal Telegram Agency was commissioned to sell newspapers at all railway stations in Sweden.

In 1906, AB Svenska Pressbyrån was formed to handle distribution, but was transformed into Pressbyråns Intressenter AB 1939.

In 1979, Pressbyrån was split - one company took care of the stores (Pressbyrån), and the other company took care of the distribution (Presam).

In 1992, Tidsam was formed as an independent company, when Presam's business was split.

In 2016, Tidsam bought Svenska Interpress and expanded the product portfolio with approximately 2,000 titles, both Swedish and international.