Fantasy Figures Int YB

Fantasy Figures International is the number one title in the UK for all aspects of Fantasy and Sci-Fi modelling. The Fantasy Figures International Yearbook 2021 gathers together some of the best articles from the first year of the magazine, as well as some new exclusive content, to celebrate Sci-Fi and Fantasy modelling and miniatures. Topics covered include a Stars Wars Speeder Bike, a Fantasy Orc and the world of Maschinen Krieger. All the articles are characterised by clearly written, informative text and crystal clear photography allowing you to appreciate all the details of the model or miniature. Modelling and painting techniques are introduced and explained, so whether you’re new to the hobby or an experienced modeller and painter, you’ll find plenty in the pages of the 2021 Yearbook to inspire you and take your hobby to the next level.

Fantasy Figures Int YB
Magazine article number5960
Magazine issue202201
Magazine relese date10.02.2022
Magazine last date07.04.2022
Price Sweden229.00 kr
Price Norway269.00 kr
CountryUnited kingdom
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