Racecar Engineering

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Art. no. 7331
Title Racecar Engineering
Issue 202108
Sales date July 22, 2021
In store until Aug. 26, 2021
Price Sweden 149.00 SEK
Price Norway 179.00 kr
Country Storbritannien (GB)
No of issues 12/year

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Racecar is the world s first and foremost motorsports technology magazine. It s crammed full of in-depth detail about Formula 1 cars, Rally cars, Touring Cars not one type of four-wheeled competition machine is overlooked. Published ten times a year, Racecar is not full of jargon: you don t need a Master s in a physical science to understand it. But it s written by professionals, specialised in their fields. That makes Racecar a must for every motorsports enthusiast, from the armchair technical freak, through the club competitor, to the professional engineer.