Unseasonal Klikk for større bilde
Varenr 2314
Tittel Unseasonal
Utgave 202001
Salgsdag 12. mars 2020
I butikk til 7. mai 2020
Pris Sverige 299
Pris Norge 353
Land Storbritannien (GB)
Utgivelse nr/år 2

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The Unseasonal is an alternative take on the fashion industry and the art world. As a special projects magazine, we feature timeless pictorials, deep stories, and unique collaborations with some of the most creative and sought-after personalities in the fields of fashion, contemporary art and celebrity culture. Each project, story, and partnership is carefully selected. A magazine about passion, the change in seasons ¿ both in fashion and the world ¿ the unusual, travel, and the human condition. It is of a rare artistic quality in times of fast fashion and social media madness. It represents the feeling of a getaway, of slowing down, of exotic places, escapism, breathtaking dreams, unique architecture, and lightness of being, all with elements from the past, the future, Romanticism, and impulses for making the world a better place. Iconic artistic photography and fresh writing are at its core.