Mens Fitness Guide

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Tittel Mens Fitness Guide
Utgave 202103
Salgsdag 22. april 2021
I butikk til 27. mai 2021
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Land Storbritannien (GB)
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Men¿s Fitness Guides is curated by the Men¿s Fitness team to help our audience achieve very specific goals, whether that be around overall fitness, strengthening specific body parts and muscles or creating the best workout for them whether that be in the gym or at home. There has been a move away from sport, and into fitness in the last few years. Men¿s Fitness has tested bookazine products in the consumer market and we have selected our Top 6 topics for the first 6 months of Men¿s Fitness Guides: 1. Complete Guide to Dumb-bell Training 2. 12 Meals That Make Muscle 3. 8 Week Body Plan 4. Complete Training Guide 5. Workout Manual 6. Ultimate Guide to Fat Loss