Motor Klassik Das K Ja

Motor Klassik Das K Ja Klikk for større bilde
Varenr 7902
Tittel Motor Klassik Das K Ja
Utgave 202001
Salgsdag 17. desember 2020
I butikk til 11. februar 2021
Pris Sverige 110
Pris Norge 130
Land Tyskland
Utgivelse nr/år 1

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MOTOR KLASSIK is the magazine for the vibrant culture of automobile classics. MOTOR KLASSIK devotes itself to the classics of automobile history and their very individual qualities, making it possible for readers to immerse themselves in this fascinating world and directly experience the unique character of these vehicles. This high aspiration is underscored by the respectful approach taken to each individual classic and the high journalistic quality of text and image. MOTOR KLASSIK places great importance on readers really experiencing the fascination of automobile classics through genuine driving reports. What is more, MOTOR KLASSIK is the only magazine anchored in classic automobile tradition through an ¿ancestral line¿ of expert contemporary witnesses and author. This new special "MOTOR KLASSIK - DAS KLASSIK JAHR" is a review of the best classic cars of 2018.