About Tidsam

Sweden’s largest magazine supplier!

Tidsam is Sweden’s largest magazine supplier and ensures that consumers have access to fantastic magazines via the grocery and service trade around the country. We deliver magazines to about 4100 retailers, with sales in physical stores and online.

In Sweden, magazines are sold to a value of almost SEK 1 billion in one year and about 80% of it is sold in the grocery trade. Our range consists of approximately 1700 titles from more than 200 different publishers across the entire world. The range contains many strong brands and has a width that is suitable for both large and small readers.

Our business 

Tidsam distributes, on behalf of Sweden’s leading publishers, magazines for Swedish trade. We tailor the range to each retailer to optimize sales based on consumer demand.

Tidsam’s assignment also includes developing the exposure of newspapers in stores and ensuring that retailers meet consumers in the right way. This means everything from how a magazine department is located, what it looks like, which range is best to meet consumer demand and to offer effective campaigns to optimize sales.

About 108 people work at Tidsam, of which 27 people at the head office in Stockholm and about 72. at the distribution center in Värnamo where the magazines are packed and delivered to the store. We also have 9 sales people in Sweden and operations in Norway.


  • is owned by Bonnier News AB, Egmont Publishing, Aller media and Förlags AB Albinsson & Sjöberg.
  • are environmentally certified according to ISO 14001.
  • also owns the company Swedcirc, which works with logistics solutions in e-commerce.