Post press services – PEP

In our modern facility in Värnamo we can handle most of the post press work – always with high quality and cost efficiency!

The advantage of choosing us

We have a modern machine park as well as great knowledge and experience that assures quality all through the process. Tidsam can handle complex post press work, such as “bulky” cover mounts, various types of wrapping and labelling, with high quality and in large volumes. We can also offer packaging and storage of, for example, subscription issues, “give-aways” used for multiple issues, or other types of products.

We are a major freight purchaser

Tidsam has volume agreements with large freight and forwarding companies, which provides cost-effective distribution options.

You are always welcome with your inquiries to us!

E-mail: planering@tidsam.se or Phone: +46 (0)370-424 00