BBC Top Gear Mag.

A spin off from the popular Top Gear television programme. This reviews all of the very latest cars, as well as doing head-to-head roadtests with similar cars. Useful features include a new and used car price guide and a road test reprint service.


Each issue will focus on wellbeing, mindfulness, creativity. It aspires to offer the reader real, practical, tangible ways to claim back time in their lives – fun, varied and inspiring strategies big and small for a saner and gentler paced lifestyle.

Record Collector Presents

Special issues from the publisher of Record Collector. The ultimate guide to the building of the worlds greatest Rock n Roll band.


Permaculture is inspiration for sustainable living.

Cycling Plus (UK)

Cycling Plus is the magazine for anyone who appreciates the all-out effort of time-trialing, the freedom of touring, the
cut-and-thrust of commuting, and the sheer joy of just being out on the road. Every month we bring you what s new in the world of cycling. Our team of experts tests every product we review. And we re talking about real tests here. Each bike we review is tested in real-world situations and for as long as it takes us to reach our conclusion, which is usually several weeks, but can run in to months. Of course, we could test more products faster, but we re not on piecework and we re not on any manufacturer s payroll. Press releases are binned, not rewritten, because unlike some magazines we believe in coming to our own conclusions. All the bikes we test are stripped down. Frame alignment is checked,welds are inspected, and each component is weighed. Extensive monthly Bodyshop section. Here we bring you the latest
in cycling science, including training-and-nutrition advice from qualified sports scientists and medical advice from the BCF team doctor. Whether you are a -beginner or an expert, Cycling Plus can help you to get the most out of your bike(s) and the most out of your cycling. We even have regular competitions that give you the chance to win top-quality bikes and cycling gear…All this and more brought to you by Cycling Plus, the best-selling monthly cycling magazine in the UK.


Short Stories, Flash fiction, Poetry.

Digital Photographer

Whether you are looking to shoot digitally, have already made the switch from film or are a film-camera devotee looking to digitise a transparency archive, this is the magazine for you.
Digital Photographer covers all aspects of digital imaging, from composition and capture, through optimising and editing photographs to obtaining high-quality professional prints.Aimed at technical enthusiasts & semi – professional photographers and digital camera owners. Written to inspire its audience with all aspects of their digital photography. Monthly.

Military Trucks

This expertly written title, with its wealth of rare and previously unseen photographs, provides enthusiasts and historians with key information about these diverse and multi-tasking vehicles.


Läsarna kommer att stimuleras och utmanas. Bli underhållna och provocerade. Inspirerade och vägledda. Varje månad presenterar EUROMAN en livsstil för hundratusentals unga stilmedvetna danskar. Ett mode och livsstilsmagasin som har stil och originalitet rakt igenom och som kompletteras med en dansk och direkt ton. Månadsvis.


Eurowoman är ett exklusivt mode och livsstilsmagasin för kvinnor. Modet är ikoniska, visionära, inspirerande och samtidigt tillgängliga.Du kan också läsa om de senaste skönhetsprodukter och få bra tips. Du kommer att få artiklar som kommer att överraska, underhålla och beskriva nya trender. Eurowoman är också tidningen med fantastiska reportage och intervjuer med alla personer spm den medvetna och nyfikna kvinna bör känna till.