Own your life

If you’ve ever felt as if the world around you was spinning out of control, you’re not alone. Life,
and all the difficulties and stresses that come with it, can sometimes take hold and make us feel
like we have no power to stop it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Start taking the steps you
need to get back on track, grab life by the horns and show it who’s really boss by using our brand
new interactive journal. Featuring more than 100 pages of tips, tricks and exercises, you can
channel your thoughts in a more effective way, make to-do lists that will get you where you need
to go, and remind yourself of the positive things that keep you going. However you’re feeling
right now, this journal could be the first step in your journey towards a well-balanced and
contented life.

Own your life
Magazine article number0124
Magazine issue202202
Magazine relese date29.09.2022
Magazine last date24.11.2022
Price Sweden249.00 kr
Price Norway299.00 kr
CountryUnited kingdom
Released1 time per yeas

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