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Manga and Anime have gone mainstream. For a long time they had been viewed as niche and nerdy but the breakout phenomena Pokémon started to give them mass appeal.
Now these art forms have firmly carved out space in the mainstream. Japanese comic books and animation have a similar dynamic to American superhero comics and their respective cinematic universes.
Netflix is creating original anime series, and there have been live action adaptations of everything from ¿Dragonball¿ and ¿Death Note¿ to ¿Alita: Battle Angel¿ and ¿Attack on Titan.¿
Japanese animation has even influenced celebrated American cartoons, including ¿Avatar: The Last Airbender¿ and ¿Teen Titans.¿
This popularity did not jump out of nowhere. Manga has actually existed for hundreds of years, and anime was an art form decades before anyone knew the name Ash Ketchum.
In this action-packed issue, we guide the reader on a journey from ancient Japanese scrolls to ¿Astro Boy¿ and into the current scene of manga and anime.
Next time you see a manga in a bookstore or an anime featured on the homescreen of one of your streaming services, take a minute to check it out. You could be witnessing another little piece of pop culture history.

The ultim guide Manga
Magazine article number0626
Magazine issue202401
Magazine relese date23.01.2024
Magazine last date19.03.2024
Price Sweden299.00 kr
Price Norway355.00 kr
CountryUnited States
Released1 time per yeas

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