CAP 74024

¿CAP 74024 is not an erotic magazine, it¿s not an art catalogue and it¿s not a book about costume.
It is a thought. A thought that turns around eros, art and fashion.
It¿s hard to label it, just because it is so different, starting from its name. Almost impossible to be pronounced or even remembered.
Eros, art, fashion. Three macro areas which describe many aspects of everyday life, areas that we wanted to cover through a sex paraphilia: voyeurism, the desire to observe, without being observed, what who is next to us is intending to carry out. The other¿s lifes become much more interesting than our own.

CAP 74024
Art. nr0487
Förs. dag2023-12-12
I butik till2024-01-16
Pris Sverige379.00 kr
Pris Norge399.00 kr
Utkommer6 gånger / år

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