Cycling Electric

Cycling Electric comes to market during a new bike boom and
this time around it’s electrified. Put together by the team
behind Cyclist magazine, this 140-page buyer’s guide
illustrates the immense scope for change in transport habits
with a saddle underneath a new rider.
Building in over 50 bike reviews and a series of features
explaining how to get the most from your ride, Cycling Electric
aims to tempt outdoor lovers, those bored with their commute
and people who may never have considered cycling before
now to sling a leg over and take to two wheels with a tailwind
on their backs

Cycling Electric
Art. nr0268
Förs. dag2023-08-15
I butik till2023-10-10
Pris Sverige149.00 kr
Pris Norge169.00 kr
Utkommer4 gånger / år

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