J14 magazine

The teen magazine J-14 USA is all about the world of stars. With the teen celebrity magazine, young people can dive into the red-hot rumour mill and find out everything about their favourite stars.
Who is Justin’s new girl? What are the dreams of the guys from BTS?
The popular celebrity magazine, which focuses on teen celebrities, allows teens to learn all about their idols.
With J-14 USA, teens have everything they need to get to know their favourite stars even better. In addition to the exciting stories, each issue also contains numerous posters of the idols. With competitions and quizzes, there is also the opportunity to win tickets to concerts or to test their celebrity knowledge extensively.

J14 magazine
Art. nr0517
Förs. dag2023-12-19
I butik till2024-01-23
Pris Sverige149.00 kr
Pris Norge169.00 kr
Utkommer6 gånger / år

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