Lose Weight W Anti-Inf

Bonnier, the best selling publisher of the leading
anti-inflammatory bookazines shows readers with this
latest issue how to lose weight and keep it off for good
whilst indulging delicious food.
The Anti-Inflammatory diet is well known for its healing
properties for a wide variety of heath
problems like arthritis, cardiovascular disease or even
exercise induced injuries. The balanced
diet supports the body¿s immune system and repairs the
damage of chronic inflammation.
The added benefit of the Anti Inflammatory Diet can
reduce body weight by reducing
abdominal fats which act as an incubator for
inflammation and spread it around the body.
This issue teaches readers to how to lose weight and get
the full benefits of slimming without
compromising on health, taste or feeling full.
Jam-packed with 55 delicious recipes and a full
meal plan, this issue is a must read if you want to lose
weight and keep it off for good

Lose Weight W Anti-Inf
Art. nr3378
Förs. dag2024-01-25
I butik till2024-03-21
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Pris Norge269.00 kr
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