Maker Space Pi

Maker Space is made for a curious, technically-interested audience that wants to learn more about devices such as the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Pi Zero and the hot new topic of Programmable Hardware using FPGA chips. This bookazine also offers an archive DVD worth US$40 with every back issue of Raspberry Pi Geek. This bookazine focuses on the tools and techniques needed to build and create working projects and includes several project examples. One section is dedicated to Programmable Hardware, giving the reader an introduction to this hot new technology, as well as product reviews and tangible next steps. In addition, there are deep dive articles into more advanced topics. Maker Space differs from most products in this category in that it does not focus only on the Raspberry Pi, but also expands into other hardware and solutions to go beyond the scope of existing products. The content is not time-sensitive so please leave Maker Space on sale as long as possible

Maker Space Pi
Art. nr2609
Förs. dag2023-05-17
I butik till2023-07-13
Pris Sverige259.00 kr
Pris Norge309.00 kr
Utkommer1 gånger / år

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