One Pot Cookbook

This issue of the Menopause Cookbook strikes the perfect balance between informative articles plus 75 recipes to help you change your diet to ease your menopause symptoms and protect your body from future problems. Although menopause symptoms can vary widely between each person, armed with the right knowledge there are often things you can do to help ease your symptoms, including changing your diet. Recipe features cover how to manage potential weight gain, how to load your recipes with calcium-rich ingredients to improve your bone health, plus recipes to help lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels to combat the risk of heart disease.

One Pot Cookbook
Art. nr5647
Förs. dag2024-03-14
I butik till2024-05-08
Pris Sverige179.00 kr
Pris Norge213.00 kr
Utkommer1 gånger / år

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