Musicals Magazine

Musicals magazine is the first consumer title in print
to truly embrace and celebrate this incredibly diverse
genre. The new consumer magazine is a celebration
of all things Musical Theatre, from the Classic/Golden
Age to the most current, cutting-edge new writing.
With a focus on the West End and Broadway, but also
covering international and regional productions, it
will focus both on screen as well as on stage.
Editorially, the magazine features exclusive interviews
with the stars of the shows plus their creative teams.
Reviews are integral to the publication: live shows are
covered, particularly those receiving their world
premieres. Writers include the very best critics,
presenters, authors, and biographers of Musical.

Musicals Magazine
Art. nr0172
Förs. dag2023-10-24
I butik till2023-11-28
Pris Sverige259.00 kr
Pris Norge309.00 kr
Utkommer6 gånger / år

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