Racing in the Movies

The past decade has been a golden age for racing films which have brough the thrill of high adrenaline sports to a new generation of movie goer. We have seen two blockbuster Hollywood films take the romance and rivalry of the race-track as their starting point with Rush (2013) focussing on competing egos of James Hunt and Niki Lauda and Ford versus Ferrari featuring the titanic clashes between US and Italian car royalty. But the decade has also seen a new type of immersive documentary, telling stories through superb archive footage. Films such as Senna and Race to Immortality piece together tales with first hand accounts and restored film that are stranger than fiction. 
Part one of Motor Sport¿s celebration of racing movies celebrates the best of the decade¿s films. Using interviews with key players it explains how the films came about and how they were created. It goes behind the scenes to reveal the secrets of the films success and uses its own unique archive to tell the real story of specific incidents featured in each movie. All illustrated with wonderful photography. 

Racing in the Movies
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Förs. dag2022-10-13
I butik till2022-12-08
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