Scale Modelling Dioramas

Placing a model in a scene effectively can seem daunting, but this second edition of Airfix Model World¿s Scale Modelling Step by Step: Dioramas 2 approaches the subject from the basics. It starts with the simplest `scene in a box¿ offerings, before moving to more complex affairs and rounding off with completely cratchbuilt projects. All aspects, from planning, to the various techniques involved are explained clearly, with the skillsets applicable to all genres of the hobby, regardless of whether you build scale models, wargaming subjects or rail layouts. Projects range from a Thunderbird 2 launch bay to a Panzer IV under
repair and a waterborne native American ¿ everything a modeller needs to get those creative juices flowing!

Scale Modelling Dioramas
Art. nr2289
Förs. dag2022-11-24
I butik till2023-01-19
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