Secret War

War in the shadows shaped the outcome of the largest military conflict in history World War Two was conducted on many fronts, both seen and unseen This new special from the publishers of Britain at War magazine explores the formation and deployment of Special Forces, both their triumphs and tragedies The 116 page publication investigates the Long Range Desert Group, the Jed burghs, and more We venture behind the veil of secrecy into the world of espionage, examining the Special Operations Executive, the OSS and Abwehr, and their covert operatives spies who risked their lives for morsels of intelligence to turn the course of history.

Secret War
Art. nr0976
Förs. dag2022-12-06
I butik till2023-01-31
Pris Sverige199.00 kr
Pris Norge235.00 kr
Utkommer1 gånger / år

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