Sky & Telescope

SINCE 1941 Sky & Telescope has been the world s leading source of accurate and up-to-date information about astronomy and space science. Sky & Telescope appeals to the full spectrum of astronomy enthusiasts, from the novice ready to purchase a first telescope, to the enthusiastic amateur looking to enhance observing skills and equipment, to the professional desiring to keep up with this dynamically changing field. Our readers include the most active amateurs worldwide — those who observe on a regular basis and who travel to remote places for the darkest skies or major astronomical events. These are people who can t wait to read about upcoming opportunities to observe or the latest discoveries. Our feature articles and departments are rich in both information and images that compel ordinary folk to go out and experience the night sky. And when they observe, they take Sky & Telescope along as their guide. Our articles are written to satisfy both technically savvy readers and those who require clear, descriptive language and superb graphics. In addition to the rich imagery throughout the magazine, our Gallery section showcases stunning works by amateurs using conventional and electronic cameras.

Sky & Telescope
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Förs. dag2024-06-12
I butik till2024-07-17
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