Spitfire MK IX

With this new 116 page bookazine from Key Publishing, brought to you by the Airfix Model World editorial team, everything you need to know about building Airfix¿s new tool 1 24 Spitfire Mk IX Superkit is explained in exhaustive detail The kit offers any Spitfire fan a wealth of features and refinement, and this publication hows how to get the very best from it The model is finished in a colour scheme not available in the box, and the build is accompanied by a fascinating technical and historical study of the Mk IX Spitfire, focus on ace pilots that flew the type, reference photos and colour profiles.

Spitfire MK IX
Art. nr5225
Förs. dag2023-01-03
I butik till2023-02-28
Pris Sverige199.00 kr
Pris Norge235.00 kr
Utkommer1 gånger / år

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