Taylor Swift Yearbook

What a year it has been for Taylor Swift. Not only has she continued to deliver her new
recorded versions of her classic albums, she has scooped plenty of awards, become the first
living artist in 60 years to chart four albums in the US Top Ten on the Billboard Chart, the first
female artist to notch up 12 number one albums and embarked on a tour that has smashed
records and looks set to be the highest grossing tour ever!
In this collectable yearbook issue, Swifties share their Era tour memories, we look back at
some of her amazing fashion moments, meet her devoted family, hear Taylor speak about the
process of making her epic award-winning video for All Too Well, and we share tips on how to
achieve her stunning look. Plus there are also some amazing posters for you to cut out and
display in whatever way you wish!

Taylor Swift Yearbook
Art. nr2553
Förs. dag2023-11-14
I butik till2024-01-09
Pris Sverige229.00 kr
Pris Norge255.00 kr
Utkommer1 gånger / år

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