The Wisdome of Taylor

She might be a billion-dollar singing superstar, but Taylor Swift is
most definietly more than that. Since she launched herself in to the
crazy of world of showbiz, she has learnt a lot of tough lessons along
the way.
The press have attacked her, friends and peers have betrayed her,
men have broken her heart, people have used her and men in power
have exploited her talents and goodness. But Taylor isn’t bitter.
Instead she has learnt a lot from the good and bad things that have
happened to her which has helped her become a one of the wisest,
canniest women in the music industry.
In this book, we celebrate on some of Taylor’s inspiring insights which
will help you find your own perfect path

The Wisdome of Taylor
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Förs. dag2024-04-18
I butik till2024-06-12
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