Why we love Taylor Swi

She has 270 million followers on Instagram, 94 million on X and 79 million on Facebook. In the UK, Taylor Swift was the most streamed music artist of 2023 and over 14 million fans applied for 750,000 seats on the UK leg of her Eras concert tour. In the US, according to a 2023 survey, 53% of American adults were fans and 44% confessed to being confirmed `Swifties¿. The album 1989 (Taylor version) was the world¿s most popular vinyl record in 2023, with over 2 million copies sold since October. So, if interest in Taylor Swift were not high enough already, 2024 looks set to boost her popularity even higher. This publication reminds every `Swiftie¿ of all the great things they admire about `Tay Tay¿. It features loads of stunning images of the star for fans to pin to bedroom walls and provides them with great quotes and amazing facts to share, all with an insiders¿ understanding of the love.
Oh, and she just won her 4th Best Album Award at the Grammys – no one has ever done that! And has announced a new album release on April 19th!!!

Why we love Taylor Swi
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