Willow and Sage

Willow and Sage magazine is filled with more than 70 unique recipes, uses, and beautiful packaging ideas for homemade bath and body products. In addition to showcasing natural bath salts and soaks, soaps, face masks, chemical-free makeup, lotions, sugar scrubs, essential oils, and more, Willow and Sage features 144 pages of refreshing layout designs, hand-illustrated infographics, educational information and tips, and the benefits of specific ingredients. If you¿re looking for the perfect homemade gift idea for any occasion, each issue provides DIY inspiration for creative packaging and the most unique gifts and spa bundles.

Willow and Sage
Art. nr0123
Förs. dag2023-06-13
I butik till2023-08-08
Pris Sverige299.00 kr
Pris Norge349.00 kr
Utkommer4 gånger / år

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