Neue Blatt

Neue Blatt Klicka för större omslag
Art. nr. 0020
Titel Neue Blatt
Utgåva 202109
Förs. dag 4 mars 2021
I butik till 18 mars 2021
Pris Sverige 45.00 kr
Pris Norge 54.00 kr
Land Tyskland
Utgåvor 52 nr/år

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A big entertainment magazine, week after week offers exciting and informative entertainment for the whole family and is compatible with this concept for over 50 years of success in the market. With recent reports on the European nobility and the international and national celebrities from the field show, music, film and television, the exciting coverage, generous appearance and exclusive photos will give the reader the world of celebrities brought very close. In the large service and advice section, the booklet provides the latest tips. Emphasis will be put on topics as recipes, health, fashion, advice on money and law as well as the travel site.