Land Rover In Pictures

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Art. nr. 0435
Titel Land Rover In Pictures
Utgåva 202001
Förs. dag 12 mars 2020
I butik till 7 maj 2020
Pris Sverige 199.00 kr
Pris Norge 229.00 kr
Land Storbritannien (GB)
Utgåvor 1 nr/år

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This lavishly illustrated publication is a perfect bound collector's item with rare archive imagery from manufacturer, military and commercial sources. It is divided into 11 sections that chart the history of the first 50 years of Land Rover's vehicles from 1948-1998. Within eight of these sections about the key models are details of the variations and special variants built for specific tasks. Two further sections detail the special vehicles used for military purposes and those used on the Camel Trophy-the Formula 1 of off-roading between 1981 and 1998. A further section is devoted to Land Rover's erstwhile British competitor, Austin, that ultimately was merged with Rover in the British Leyland conglomerate.