Vogue (US)

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Art. nr. 0608
Titel Vogue (US)
Utgåva 202101
Förs. dag 23 februari 2021
I butik till 30 mars 2021
Pris Sverige 169.00 kr
Pris Norge 199.00 kr
Land USA
Utgåvor 12 nr/år

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Vogue is the fashion industry s style guru. Every issue is elegant, eclectic, and always up-to-date. Features include the latest in popular culture, fashion, and entertainment. Plus, tips on hair, makeup, exercise, health, and relationships. Vogue is the world s fashion authority. Packed with the latest trends, Vogue features fashion, style, beauty, art, and entertainment. In every issue, you ll get Vogue s View, Vogue s Most-Wanted, and Vogue s Index. Plus, how to maximize the new minimal style. Sexy, sparkling party clothes. What s next in status accessories. The best bathing suits. Monthly.