Womens Health (US)

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Art. nr. 5182
Titel Womens Health (US)
Utgåva 202009
Förs. dag 25 augusti 2020
I butik till 29 september 2020
Pris Sverige 99.00 kr
Pris Norge 119.00 kr
Land USA
Utgåvor 10 nr/år

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Women s Health is about¿real life, with real challenges and real accomplishments. We feel as though our mission is to break all the rules when it comes to women s magazines: no more pandering fluff and patter, no more lightweight advice, and no more underestimating you, the reader¿your goals, your desires, and your abilities. We know life can throw some tough stuff at you, but we still believe that you can do, be, and have everything you want. And we re here to help you make that happen. With humor and genuine understanding, we ll offer life-changing solutions to your daily challenges. Bi-yearly.