Anatomy of a racecar

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Art. nr. 5686
Titel Anatomy of a racecar
Utgåva 202001
Förs. dag 30 januari 2020
I butik till 26 mars 2020
Pris Sverige 229.00 kr
Pris Norge 269.00 kr
Land Storbritannien (GB)
Utgåvor 1 nr/år

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Modern racing cars are a marvel of cutting-edge engineering technology. No matter how good a driver is, in technology-led motorsport the driver is at the mercy of the competitiveness of their car. Ever wonder what motorsport fans and broadcasters are talking about when mentioning different sections, pieces and parts of a car that make it capable of running at a competitive pace in qualifying and the race? With examples from a broad cross-section of motorsport genres ¿from Formula One to IndyCarand NASCAR, endurance racing and World RX to Formula E ¿Anatomy of a Racecarwill answer these questions in a detailed yet accessible way that will help the reader, whether an industry professional, motor racing enthusiast or armchair observer, to expand their technical knowledge of this exhilarating and ever-changing sport.