F-14 Tomcat

F-14 Tomcat Klicka för större omslag
Art. nr. 7412
Titel F-14 Tomcat
Utgåva 202001
Förs. dag 22 december 2020
I butik till 16 februari 2021
Pris Sverige 189.00 kr
Pris Norge 219.00 kr
Land Storbritannien (GB)
Utgåvor 1 nr/år

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Tomcat: Tales from the Cockpit features the experiences of US Navy pilots and radar intercept officers who flew the jet. Stories are drawn from carrier operations around the globe together with operations over Lebanon, against Libya, and in combat with MiG-23 Floggers, the hijacking of the MS Achille Lauro cruise liner, and protracted operations against Iraq and Afghanistan. Then there's Top Gun. In the 1986 Hollywood movie, theF-14 Tomcat played the lead role and made Tom Cruise a movie star.