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Art. nr. 9677
Titel Threads
Utgåva 202101
Förs. dag 26 november 2020
I butik till 21 januari 2021
Pris Sverige 129.00 kr
Pris Norge 149.00 kr
Land USA
Utgåvor 4 nr/år

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America s most beautiful magazine for people who sew.Threads is a technical garment sewing magazine for enthusiastic sewers of all skill levels. We offer the best first-hand instruction on a variety of sewing topics, including design, fitting, alterations, fabric,embellishment, and supplies, notions, and tools. Our articles are all written by experts with practical experience, whether they are home-sewers or top designers. You can be sure that the information you find in Threads has been proven on the cutting room floor. The clothing we feature is stylish -- without being trendy; these are garments and accessories that look good and that you ll want to wear.