Mindful Crafting

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Art. nr. 0188
Titel Mindful Crafting
Utgåva 202001
Förs. dag 30 april 2020
I butik till 4 juni 2020
Pris Sverige 139.00 kr
Pris Norge 165.00 kr
Land Storbritannien (GB)
Utgåvor 10 nr/år
Upphör 6 maj 2021
Orsak Upphörd dec 2020/SS 2021-05-06

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MINDFUL CRAFTING is a new Craft brand from the publisher of PSYCHOLOGIES the UK¿s biggest selling self-development and mindful living magazine. We understand how crafting can improve mental health and general wellbeing. Most issues of MINDFUL CRAFTING will focus on paper craft ideas and solutions to enable our audience to slow down and enjoy being creative with widely available and inexpensive material. MINDFUL CRAFTING will provide practical and authoritative advice on how to make wonderful creations in a mindful way with every issue. For example, our paper-craft issues will include Paper craft projects, How to make the most of paper crafting to improve your wellbeing, Colouring page and templates to use.